Eyeshadow Palette on Sale's

Eyeshadow Palette 88's Color (Used)
Selling Price : RM20 (without postage)

Eyeshadow Palette 120's Color (Used)
Selling Price : RM 20 (without postage)

Miss Rose Wet Eyeshadow Palette 120's Color (New)
Selling Price : RM 30 (without postage)
Salam My dear beauty reader, ni antara palette yang Liza dah x gunakan sekarang. Mulanya Liza plan nak simpan je palette ni untuk my student personal 1-1 makeup coaching, tapi biasanya mereka dah ada their own palette. So i'm ready to sold all this.

ada yang bertanya about new product palette, foundation, brush others makeup equipment, I can help you to get it done tapi only for those yang really2 serius ya. I wont keep any stock at this moment. Next entry Liza try update all the new items price ya. Feel free to drop me a message about the product that you need. Nanti i tengok2 kan.


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