Strobe Cream by MAC

The ultimate quick fix for the skin. Super-powered with potent botanical; de-stresses, moistens, freshens and boosts the look of dull, flat or tired-looking skin with a fully loaded vitamin zap and a mega dose of green tea. Brightens and clarifies with iridescent particles and antioxidants. Enhances the effects of light on all skin and in all lighting conditions from sunlight to spotlight.

Tip's by Liza Badarudin: 

I would like to recommend all of you to use this! Not only to mixing up with the matte foundation but you can always used this to highlighted any part of your an uneven skin.

MAC Strobe Cream can also being used as moisturizer event when you not plan to used a makeup or foundation.

You may also mix strobe cream, prep & prime makeup based, fix spray & foundation. Stir well. then by using a foundation brush or stipple brush. With circle motion just roll on your face till the foundation been spread all over your face. The effect, you may get your skin or foundation base will running really smooth. Then you may add some loose powder or two way cake powder to complete your look.

let learn how to complete your look just in a few second.. stay tune with me..


Interview di RedGlow Academy.. soon..

rasa sangat excited kot bila dapat panggilan tuk interview as Makeup trainer di RedGlow Academy.. rezeki kot.. sifu saya Puan Arlina Rosli panggil tuk di adili hasil makeup tu nanti.. sangat teruja.. sangat2 x sangka.. then bercakap sendri, mampu ke nak luahkan semua yg ada di dada,.. haissh..

doakan yg terbaik untuk saya..

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