TMOP Masterclass presents | AYANGKAMELL

I've attending a makeup class organized by TMOP ( Team Makeup Artist, Photographer & Model/Talent) guest what it being coaching by my Idol Ayang Kamell Ibrahim. He is the great SIFU so far. Sangat2 friendly & tak lokek ilmu langsung. So to those yang rasa nak mendalami ilmu makeup i strongly suggest get in to his class confirm tak rugi.

They do interview me after the class and I sangat2 kaku di depan camera. I'm camera shy i tell you. shaking macam ada gempa bumi. Layan je la video tu and you get what I mean. Promise jangan gelak kan i tau.

Beauty is eternal!

Lip Palette on Sale's

Kryolan Lip Rouge Palette 24's Color (New)
Selling Price : RM 250 (without postage)

Lip Palette 50's Color (Used)
Selling Price : RM 20 (without postage)
Lip palette so far ada 2 ni je yang nak di let go. Kryolan Lip Rouge tu ada 24's color tp Liza ambik 1 tray je pulak gambarnya. Another tray x sempat nak snap. Camera buat hal, CPU kong hangin jap.

Yang palette lagi satu tu no brand. Biasa time kelas makeup kami guna ni je.. senang xyah nak bawak lipstick banyak2 sampai penuh beg. then if you suka buat makeup effect berbaloi la pakai palette ni coz dia ada 50's color. tinggal pilih & tenyeh je.

So as usual, if you interested to get it do contact me ya at 012-6967913 sms / whatsapp / fb..

Eyeshadow Palette on Sale's

Eyeshadow Palette 88's Color (Used)
Selling Price : RM20 (without postage)

Eyeshadow Palette 120's Color (Used)
Selling Price : RM 20 (without postage)

Miss Rose Wet Eyeshadow Palette 120's Color (New)
Selling Price : RM 30 (without postage)
Salam My dear beauty reader, ni antara palette yang Liza dah x gunakan sekarang. Mulanya Liza plan nak simpan je palette ni untuk my student personal 1-1 makeup coaching, tapi biasanya mereka dah ada their own palette. So i'm ready to sold all this.

ada yang bertanya about new product palette, foundation, brush others makeup equipment, I can help you to get it done tapi only for those yang really2 serius ya. I wont keep any stock at this moment. Next entry Liza try update all the new items price ya. Feel free to drop me a message about the product that you need. Nanti i tengok2 kan.


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