How important beauty and makeup on your wedding?

You understand how important beauty and makeup is on your wedding day and you want to be confident you will look fabulous in person as well as in pictures so you need to find a high-quality makeup artist. With so many makeup artist websites out there how do you start sorting through the good ones from the bad ones? Below are the top steps in choosing the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding day. 

1. Decide if you wish to have your bridal makeup done in your home/venue or if you want to go to a salon/mall on your wedding day. If you like the convenience of having someone come to you directly on your wedding day then seek out makeup artists that are freelance and mobile in your area.

2. Decide if you want both your wedding day makeup and hair arranged at the same location. If this is a requirement for you then conduct a web search for makeup artists and hair stylists in your area. Many bridal makeup artists also provide hair styling and can accommodate this type of request.

3. Ask around and get referrals. Ask your friends, family, coworkers and hair dresser if they can recommend a good makeup artist and if possible, look at the makeup artist’s portfolio to see if you like the artist’s work yourself! If you're having your wedding planned by a wedding planner, ask if they have any makeup artist suggestions, because they should have at least one.

4. Review several makeup artist websites from your chosen area. Look at their portfolio of work and decide if their style of makeup is similar to your own. When looking over the images, check for things such as skin tone matching, attention to detail and if they include any current bridal makeup trend pictures in their portfolio of work. The portfolio is everything, and don't try to ignore what you don't like.

5. Create a list or bookmark your favourite bridal makeup artists, including the ones who have been recommended. Contact them and ask around!

6. Contact the makeup artists from your list and choose the one you like best. A top makeup artist should demonstrate an open and friendly manner on the phone. Be sure you have a calm and confident feeling when you’re speaking with them. If they exude a calm and natural manner over the phone they will likely be this way in person and will keep you calm on your wedding day.

7. Make an appointment for a bride makeup trial with your favourite makeup artist and be specific on how you would like to look on your big day. Collect clippings from magazines to show the makeup artist what your preferred style is and be sure they listen to what you really want. If you aren't that sure, ask if your makeup can be done in front of a mirror, or if you can have a break every minute or so. Check in the mirror when doing this.

8. Once your makeup trial is complete, the makeup artist should ask you if you’re happy with the results. If you are not, they should re-do the look until you are satisfied. Book them immediately if you’re happy with your results as very good makeup artists are often booked months in advance. If you are not happy with your results, go back to your trusty list and start again.
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